Why Choose Goranga Tech As Your Travel Agency Software Development Partner?


People love to travel, but the reason for travelling can be anything. Humans are social animals and hungry for adventure, knowledge and wealth. So, whether it is for leisure, bleisure or knowledge, they will travel. This habit of theirs has boosted the travel and tourism industry exponentially, leading to a record-breaking 8.8 Trillion US$ worth of contribution to world’s combined gross domestic product and generating 319 million new jobs in the process, according to Forbes.

Likewise, the rapid expansion of the travel industry has triggered travel agencies and travel software development companies to spread their businesses across the globe. The travel agency industry in the United States alone is responsible for generating revenue worth of 17.3 billion US$ by 2020, as projected by Statista.com.

The agency community is thriving alongside online travel agencies and different supplier-direct channels. The competitive market has given the perfect excuse for agencies to opt for travel software services to appease the changing expectations of the tech-savvy generation.

Travel agencies aspire for raising their profits and boosting customer service manifold. But, hiring the right travel agency software partner is not equal to sorting apparels from an e-commerce site.

Introducing Goranga Tech – your ideal software development partner

Founded in the year of 2016, Goranga Tech has 200+ projects in its kitty and successfully catered to 100+ clients till date. The array of products lining up its portfolio have helped travel agencies, small and big, to achieve their dreams of becoming the choicest travel partner for the young vagabonds across the globe.

Goranga Tech was a dream for Anuj Kumar, founder and managing director, and fostered by the conjoined efforts of a dedicated team. Lend your eager ears to hearing their success journey and be a part of their struggles as well as achievements.

Reasons to choose Goranga Tech

Goranga Tech has rightfully identified the growing power of digitalization and the need to have a compulsory online presence for their clients. The conjoined efforts of the team have put forth a plethora of travel software services that directly address the pain points of the travel agencies.

The company offers cost-effective travel software solutions to help agencies manage their travel businesses easily. The state-of-the-art technology introduced by Goranga has aided tour operators, travel agents, car hire and coach companies, and Local DMCs with a user-friendly booking platform, as well as management and account solutions for flights, accommodation, transfers, sightseeing and tours. Furthermore, the company provides it’s clients with Business Process Outsourcing or BPO services, tailor-made to cater to the industry’s current requirements.

Our portfolio of products includes My Hub Pro and Lite, Quote Master, Flying Bird, Cab Genie, Man & Van, and Self Drive.

Having said that, let us understand the reasons supporting your choice of a travel technology company called Goranga Tech

Bespoke design based on the client’s brand

Picking the most-fitting website for your online travel agency can be daunting for many. This is where our Goranga Tech steps in with its team of experienced designers to give your new start-up a fresh look. Or, revamp your already-existing website with a touch of our in-house expertise. Logo, choice of colour combinations and fonts are part of branding and central to a company’s identity. We offer customized website designs but finalize only after your approval is attained.

Website integration with chosen suppliers APIs

As your travel software service partner, we, as a team of Goranga Tech, will integrate your agency website complete with your chosen suppliers APIs that includes Flights GDS, Hotel Bed Banks, Transfer, Attraction and other ancillary services matching your agency’s requirements.

Tried, tested and made live

Quality assurance is one of our key goals. We ensure our clients receive tried and tested services from our team, easily valued against the prices they are willing to pay for us. It is our responsibility to confirm the project is bug-free by hosting the same on our QA environment and tested by our QA team. The project is made live once it has attained complete thumps up from the respective client.

Affordable pricing model

Every company has an estimated budget planned right before entering the new financial year. The budget figure varies due to zillion reasons and at times, companies can get really tight on cash. Keeping all that in mind, Goranga Tech has designed an affordable pricing model for its bundle of travel software services, ensuring that every travel agency, big or small, online or offline, can benefit from Goranga Tech. Every agency gets a chance to grow with the right technology is what the team aspires for, so the pricing model is made affordable to match every budget figure.

Prompt delivery of services

We are prompt with our delivery services. Our dedicated team of developers, designers, and testers ensure on-time delivery of the final product. You can expect your product to be up and running within three weeks of placing the order.

Efficient customer-service assistance

 Do not worry if your final product suffers from system glitches post-delivery. Our efficient customer service team is ready with answers to assist you through the process and make amendments on request, with no extra charges for the help.

Get in touch with the team of Goranga Tech and give a much-needed boost to your online travel agency with tailor-made travel software services.

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