The Second Chapter – Goranga Tech’s Journey from 2018 onwards


The success story of Goranga Tech was highly stimulating for budding entrepreneurs. But the real journey began after 2018 and the team never really found a reason to look back since. 2018 was crucial for the company, especially when they were attending various B2B travel shows in UK, UAE and India to exhibit their services and emerge as a travel technology company in the market. But the conjoined efforts of the team, their days of hard work and toil soon paid off, making Goranga Tech one of the respected and highly searched travel agency software partner in the market, today.

Presently, a team of 75+ employees honing different skills have delivered some of the best travel technology services that helped small and medium travel agencies gain a strong online presence in the travel ecosystem. The dream of Mr Anuj Kumar, founder and Managing Director of Goranga Tech, has thus been realized.

This article details out the array of low-cost travel agency software services the company has successfully devised using best state-of-the-art technology for all those small or individual travel ventures who lacked the technical knowledge and big finance pockets to compete with the big travel brands in the ecosystem.

A List of Travel Software Services Offered

Considering the current market statistics, you may be surprised to learn that the travel industry is literally saturated with big, medium and small ventures, each competing the other with their tailor-made holiday packages. A 2018’s survey showed that the global tours and activities market will cross 183 Bn US$ by 2020. 

Big travel brands such as TripAdvisor and are dominating the market already with the latter garnering more than 443 million visitors, a 2018’s study says. Medium and small agents who lack the technical knowledge will fail to even attract a handsome number of visitors, only for the reason that they failed to have a strong online presence.

But, putting up an attractive website is not enough to appease the needs of the new millennials, who are the dominant travellers in the digitalization era. Such travellers expect a complete one-stop solution for their travel itinerary needs. The founding fathers of Goranga Tech had recognized this niche aptly and worked hard to fill the missing gap with their state-of-the-art software services.

Here is a list of those travel software services you can expect from a travel technology company like Goranga Tech –

Travel software services

Gaining an important online presence is the need of the hour and travel agencies have realized the importance of staying digitally ahead in the market if they wished to get established as soon as possible. With just a click of the mouse, the travel software allows easy synchronization of all tour operators and manages client tours within minutes. The types of travel software services are as follows-

Travel reservation software – Potential clients and customers prefer online booking. Keeping this fact in mind, the travel reservation software is designed to ensure detailed information on each booking to the administrator. The software is user-friendly and compatible with different operating systems.

Travel agency software – This particular software is carefully designed to provide cross-cultural services for B2B2C and B2C ventures. Users can manage their bookings easily online, right from online booking, financial management to accommodation, report creation and customer support online.

Tour operator software – The software comes with an entire pack of personalized CRM software, multiple online payment gateways and real-time booking module that facilitates easy and convenient management of online travel bookings.

Cruise booking software – The rising traffic in the cruise industry has increased the demand for a comprehensive cruise reservation software that comes with an array of features that facilitate easy booking synchronization, price comparison among travel operators and listing out real-time online rates.

Online booking system

Now user-friendly online booking system is categorized according to the niches your travel business is trying to cater to. Following are a few examples given here –

Flight booking engine – Majority of travel booking engines have an airline reservation system to enable travellers to make flight reservations easily and manage their travel budget accordingly. Fully integrated flight API integration offers easy flight price comparison and best deals from a single platform.

Transfer booking engine – In an attempt to become a one-stop solution most travel agencies tend to forget the importance of arranging modes of convenience for passengers to their respective destinations. The user-friendly transfer booking engine of Goranga Tech offers easy access to a range of vehicles for transfer from airports to hotels or other mentioned destinations. 

Travel booking engine – As mentioned earlier, this responsive, easy-to-integrate and easy-to-navigate travel booking portal facilitates easy management of online-offline bookings, price comparison and handling of vendor relations from a single platform, thereby, maximizing bookings and minimizing administrative costs.

Hotel booking engine – Integrating a hotel booking engine to your travel website is like adding an extra icing on the cake. Gaining clients’ attention and remain a top-notch travel agency is possible only if your platform becomes a one-stop solution for customers seeking travel bookings online including hotel reservation opportunities, something which Goranga Tech offers to its clientele.

Car booking engine – Online car booking software integrated to your website will help your customers easily gain access to a wide range of vehicles to rent when travelling to and from their destinations easily.

Travel portal development

Developing a comprehensive travel portal online for your agency is a must, especially when the whole world is living online. This is where Goranga Tech’s expertise comes into play with its wide range of services.

Tour package portal – An online travel agency must have a comprehensive tour package portal which enables travellers to easily plan their itineraries online and manage their budget accordingly.

B2B2C and B2B travel portal development – Tracking every portal visitor, feeding user information into the database and customizing travel plans for customers, along with tracking on-board tours and manually viewing of the booked packages are some of the benefits one can enjoy while using Goranga Tech’s portal development services.

Travel website development – Analyzing client requirements and developing the most fitting travel website is the work of Goranga Tech’s team of developers and designers.

Online travel solutions – Managing online-offline bookings, handling back-end processes like a pro and gaining a strong online presence are some of the benefits your travel agency can enjoy with Goranga Tech’s online travel solutions.

API integration

Your agency’s travel website will be integrated with different features that will help manage your travel business efficiently.

Payment gateway integration – For online businesses like e-commerce or travel sites require a safe and secure payment gateway to facilitate easy transactions online. Goranga Tech offers something like that to its clientele who are looking for different yet safe payment options for their site.

GDS integration – Right from booking flight tickets, making hotel reservations to car rentals, Goranga Tech is your only travel agency software partner for global distribution system integration. You travel business will greatly benefit from using a GDS assisted software from Goranga Tech such as witnessing a rapid increase in sales and business growth.

Consolidator integration – Ready-to-implement, highly scalable and quick deployable travel consolidator of Goranga Tech guarantees enhanced performance and streamline of all API integrations related to your travel agency.

Miscellaneous services

Digital marketing services such as social media marketing, designing and developing of your company website, logo or mobile application are few other services Goranga Tech offers to its clients.

An Assortment of Goranga Tech’s Travel Products

Goranga Tech has decided to target a niche right from the beginning and its products, as well as services, have catered to the needs of the small and medium travel ventures. The affordable pricing model followed by the company ensures each and every company, small or big, to easily achieve their goals without facing the burden of too many loans.

This leading travel trade software development company has serviced not only Tour Operators and Travel Agents but also Car Hire Companies, Coach Companies and local DMC’s with their state-of-the-art software solutions. The company’s in-house products will help your travel agency gain a strong global footing in the travel ecosystem. So, if you are looking for an automated, user-friendly and responsive travel software to easily handle travel bookings and back-end processes, then Goranga tech is your destination.

Here is a list of Goranga Tech’s products you can choose for your online travel business –

My Hub Lite It is a user-friendly travel agency back office application designed to help travel companies manage their backend services seamlessly.

My Hub Pro This is an expanded version of My Hub Lite and maintains a front online live presence along with a well-connected back-office process.

Quote Master This is an excellent mid-office system that aims at generating travel quotations for your travel agency that appeals to your customers and sell easily.

Flying Bird This is a complete platform offering back-office, middle office and front office processes for travel agents and tour operators.

Cab Genie This product gives your car rental business a strong online presence with the ability to receive bookings and payments through various banks or payment gateways.

Self-Drive Another online car hire booking application, this easy-to-use and flexible self-drive application allow users to book car hire quickly and seamlessly.

Man & Van An efficient point-to-point goods transportation online booking application, this man & van will help with pick-up and drop off goods at pre-mentioned destinations for rates which are quoted prior to booking confirmation.

DMC+ This is a robust B2B and B2B2C system designed especially for the local DMCs. Using this software, the local DMCs can easily manage vendor relations including hotels, transfers and sightseeing activities.

Do you think your travel business can benefit from travel agency software?

If you think the services mentioned here can actually help your travel business reach the zenith of success, then it is time to start re-planning for your venture.

For detailed information and advice on travel technology service, check the official website –

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