Launch of Travalyst is one of The Many Initiatives Taken towards Promoting Sustainable Tourism, Says Globaldata

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Sustainable tourism has created quite a buzz in the world of wanderers. But the term is not the brainchild of year 2019, yet there is a growing need for sustainability to preserve the flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

Travel and tourism industry has already taken a huge leap towards digitalization by collaborating with travel agent software development companies to offer a seamless booking experience to the users. But they have ignored their corporate social responsibility towards Mother Nature. And, planet Earth which we call our home has to bear the brunt.

But many efforts have been undertaken by nations over the years to arrest tourists’ misconduct in places of interest which includes trashing the areas with food and non-bio-degradable products like plastic wrappers and bags.

Needless to say, the impact of environment pollution is pretty appalling, to say the least.

The launching of Travalyst is one such initiative taken towards promoting sustainable tourism on a global level.

Few words on Travalyst

Led by the Duke of Sussex, Travalyst is the brainchild of, Cleartrip, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor, and Visa, an ambitious endeavour to change the impact of travel to benefit the locals, flora and fauna alike. The first-of-its-kind initiative is dedicated entirely in exploring and suggesting solutions that will elevate the travel industry sustainably.

But, the launch of Travalyst threatens those companies which are heedless of environmental issues, says GlobalData.

GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, conducted a consumer survey in the fourth quarter of 2014. The same survey found that eco-tourism holidays are the least common holiday types searched across all generations.

This is nothing but a lack of responsibility people feel towards nature.

But, ‘tourism-related partners and other key players will face loss of credibility and miss out on important future gains if they fail to get involved with Travalyst or become less environmentally-minded,’ as stated by the same company, GlobalData.

Outcome of Travalyst

Following this endeavour, key players in the travel and tourism industry have started working on programs to arrest waste management and end single-use plastics on flights.

Other initiatives to promote sustainable tourism

As stated before, many attempts have been made towards making tourism both eco-friendly and environmental-friendly. One such attempt was the agreement signed by The Global Sustainable Tourism Council and Planet Happiness. This particular agreement focuses solely on strengthening sustainable standards in tourism.

The parties in concern, signed an MOU which will determine how measuring host happiness and well-being contribute to maintaining sustainability in those destinations. According to Dr Paul Rogers, the Co-Founder and Director of Planet Happiness, “Planet Happiness looks forward to embracing more partners and to providing governments, universities and travel industry players around the world with the model and survey tools to measure, track and strengthen destination wellbeing,” 

Have you signed up with Travalyst yet?

Endless efforts have been made to digitalize the travel and tourism ecosystem with travel booking software services. Companies feel it is their responsibility to align their services with the expectations of the new-age buyers.

The question is what are they doing to meet the pressing needs of the environment? Travalyst is just the first attempt made towards fighting environmental causes uniformly. 

Johanna Bonhill-Smith, Travel & Tourism Analyst at GlobalData, has rightfully observed that

Whilst some sort of environmental initiative has been a long time coming amid global turmoil, insight into the yet to be unannounced objectives remain hazy. Despite this, adhering to part of the ‘Travalyst’ or other sustainable initiatives will soon become the social norm. Rather than solely factoring in affordability, future travellers will more commonly seek tourism companies with a good environmental record.

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