Importance of customer reviews for travel agencies


According to a recent study, 50% of consumers write reviews for products they have purchased and a majority of them read between one and 10 reviews before making a purchase decision. Also, the same study shows 97% of consumers depend on reviews for purchases. And, when it comes down to travelling, TripAdvisor ranks 3rd among travel guides sites where customers visit to check positive reviews put up by former travellers about a particular destination or anything that is related to travel.

The statistics clearly point out positive customer reviews matter greatly, whether it is a travel and hospitality company, or an e-commerce site selling apparels or electrical gadgets. In fact, online product and services reviews have shifted transaction influence from the provider to the consumer, thereby, making it difficult for companies who fail to deliver excellent customer service and experience. 

In order to survive the competition, travel agencies and travel agency software development companies should start treating their Customers as Kings and prioritize activities that can fetch positive reviews from them.

Benefits of obtaining positive customer reviews

There is no greater mystery why positive customer reviews are so important – the above-mentioned statistics said it all. Good reviews are directly proportional to above-average conversion rates, which means at least a 4.6% increase in conversion rates for 50 or more reviews per product, according to recent statistics

And, such reviews provide credibility, pulling customers even more, as they are likely to keep coming back to your agency during the entire planning process of their vacation. Proper use of travel software services can help travel agencies improve their services, enhance customer experiences and arrest more positive reviews from them.

Here is a list of benefits a travel agency can enjoy with more positive customers reviews –

More traffic to your website – Not only the travel agencies but every business organization expect a larger organic footprint on the internet and a greater number of unique visitors for every single penny spent on digital marketing. Search engines prioritize unique, fresh and continually updated content. Also, people searching for content often use the same language as people leaving reviews. Hence, Online customer reviews are best at providing a similar type of content on a constant basis, thereby drawing more customers to their site and associated travel technology.

Customer reviews are more trusted – Again the above statistics clearly stated that customers rely heavily on positive customer reviews before making a purchase decision, whether it is a destination for a vacation or a birthday present. The World Wide Web is overflowing with data and information which are readily available at every buyer’s fingertips. They are more knowledgeable and prefer researching before spending their money. So a positive review can increase the revenue of a company or damper its reputation once and for all. 

More conversion rates – Likewise, the above data shows positive customer reviews are directly proportional to conversion rates, 50 or more reviews can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates, i.e. more customers are likely to book their vacations using your travel agency. Online travel booking engine used by your agency makes planning and booking travel itineraries seem like a child’s play. It consumes minimal customer’s time and offers greater value in terms of services and prices. So a happy and satisfied customer willingly goes ahead and leave a positive review on your website and, also, is highly likely to spread the reputation of your services in his immediate circle. And, word-of-mouth strategy is good enough in gaining more than a few loyal customers. 

Increase in revenue-earnings – The primary reason why customer reviews are given preferences is that such reviews possess the ability to eliminate any lingering doubt the customer may have about your product or service. That is the main reason why customers spent time reading reviews before going ahead with the purchase decision. So, in the end, higher traffic and even higher conversion rates add up to greater revenue earnings for the agency, along with a band of highly loyal customers. 

Even negative reviews count!!!

All reviews are valuable, positive and negative both. Imagine a website that has only positive reviews!!! Customers not only look for positive reviews, but they also read the negative ones before making their purchase decision. A combination of positive and negative reviews helps to improve customers’ trust in the opinions they read. 

Statistics suggest bad reviews improve conversion rates by 67%. 

But too much of anything is injurious to our health. Too many positive reviews and the absence of negative ones convince at least 30% readers that these are fake or paid reviews. Likewise, bad online reviews between one and three are enough to deter at least 67% of shoppers from purchasing a product or service.

Therefore, it is safer to say that the benefits of bad reviews depend largely on the proportion of good to bad.

This is definitely an important lesson for both travel agencies and travel agent software development companies.

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