Impact of New Technology in Travel and Transfer – Positive or Negative?


Necessity is the mother of invention and it is that human necessity which has given birth to some of the greatest finds of the millennium. Modern technology has opened a plethora of possibilities and sown the seeds of curiosity in humans to an extent that those humans will not stop exploring till they have quenched their thirst to know the unknown. And, this disruptive technology has disrupted the way we think, eat, travel, and work.

When applying the same technology in travel and transfer services, the outcome has both negative and positive implications, not only for the industry itself but for the world at large. Not to sound too pessimistic here, but every coin has two sides. Despite a few examples of modern technology such as transfer booking software which has helped the pioneers of transfer booking services cater to evolving customer expectations, the increased dependency on technology can be a major deterrence against achieving a hundred percent cyber-security for the users.

A recent report showed that ‘more than 70% of travellers have exposed their private data to cyber-risks through high-risk behaviours.’

Caleb Barlow, Vice President of X-Force Threat Intelligence at IBM Security, is heard stating, “People carry a goldmine of data when travelling including passports, payment information and detailed travel itineraries. When placed in the hands of a cybercriminal, all of this information can be patched together into a complete picture of the traveller’s life to inform identity theft, initiate spear phishing attacks, or be sold on the dark web.”

But, shrouding the benefits of modern technology in the cloud of cyber-insecurity will push human civilization back to its pre-historic days. Now, that is not happening anytime soon. So, let us focus on the positive outcomes of introducing modern technology in travel and transfer booking services, instead.

Benefits of modern technology in travel & transfer

On-demand riding services

Starting our study from the most basic one, the cab applications like Uber and Lyft have been one of the most prominent disruptions witnessed in the world of travel and transfer. These on-demand service applications have changed the way we travel and the ride-sharing options remove the urgency to own personal cars completely.

A thoughtful step taken towards reducing carbon footings has literally breathed a fresh air of revolution in the industry. Now, more and more companies have started thinking along these lines, for instance, the transfer booking services offered by travel companies.

These travel companies have invested in transfer booking engines to help their customers get quick access to cars-for-hire on requests.

Examples –

Self-Drive – This is an easy-to-use and flexible online car hire booking application that facilitates a quick booking of cars for hire.

Cab Genie – This is a car rental system that gives a strong online presence to minicabs or taxi companies. It is easier for taxi companies to receive new bookings and online payments against them through connected banks and e-wallets like PayPal.

Mobility of transfer services

Standing in long queues at taxi stands outside the airport or railway station has become a thing of the past. Modern technology undid the waiting period of riders by gifting them with a comprehensive platform to book personal mode of convenience within minutes, using a smartphone, cloud infrastructure, and app software. It is easier to get your personal ride from the airport to your selected destination. Or, manage a minivan for your group and enjoy your inter-city ride during your vacation. Many Uber-like cab services are waiting to take you on your joyful ride.

Fleet management and monitoring made easy

Modern technology has made it even possible for the fleet owners to gain real-time insight into their transfer business, monitor movement of the fleet, availability of the drivers, allocate rides based on the location and availability of the drivers, and lot more using a transfer booking software. This single platform is designed to bridge the gap between riders and drivers, as well as help the owner in remote management of his fleet business.

Facilitate instant cashless payment

E-payment or cashless transaction is one such gift of modern technology that has indirectly given a boost to these e-businesses. API integrated e-wallets and online bank transfers make it easy for customers to ride wherever and whenever they want without worrying about carrying too much cash. E-transactions, on the other hand, facilitate fleet owners with easy accounts maintenance.

Autonomous and connected vehicles are the future!

Self-driving cars of Tesla and Google have just shown the world that autonomous cars are no more a thing of the distant future. And, Intelligent Transportation System or ITS, which is a wireless communication technology integrated into transportation infrastructure and vehicles, ensure transportation safety and mobility.

These are two such gifts of modern technology that is bound to change the transportation, travel and transfer sector for good. But, there is still time before these two finds hit the road.

Food for thought – New technology is more of a bane than boon!

Self-driving and connected vehicles, ride-sharing cab applications, and transfer booking engine are a few examples of how modern technology has made our lives so easy and simple. But, such finds are not devoid of loopholes and gaps.

Do you know who lurks in these loopholes? The intelligent hackers and cyber thieves. The massive ocean of user information exchanged on the World Wide Web is robbed and sold for millions of dollars. What happens to these data, is, however, a completely different subject matter. But, stay assured nothing good has ever come out of user data stolen by perpetrators. Also, bank details fed into these applications for internet banking are desserts for cyber robbers who are waiting to empty your accounts within seconds. And, besides reducing carbon footings of travellers, the same technology has successfully created more jobless people than jobs for the latter.

So, despite the fact that modern technology is really helpful, it can be hacked easily and manipulated by the cyber-criminals to realize whatever twisted outcomes they are planning to.

Now you decide is modern technology a boon or a bane in disguise?

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