How To Make Your Customers Say Yes to Your Travel Quotes?


Have you ever wondered why your business quotes do not sell? If not, then maybe it is time to analyze the reason behind their failure before your business shuts down permanently. Not to sound too negative but what if your buyers’ understanding of the quotations is contradictory to what you are trying to sell? Can you imagine the tons of deals your company will lose to its competitors? Nevertheless, modern technology has made many impossible things possible and the travel industry did not fall behind in upgrading themselves to meet the changing customer demands.

You might be wondering what technology has to do with travel quotes that your travel agency wishes to sell. Well! If travel software services have been developed to change the way agencies manage their bookings and back-end processes, it is highly likely that modern technology can change the way companies quote to gain customers. Right? The itinerary builder software for travel agency like Quote Master can make that dream of yours come true.

What is a quotation?

A quotation or quote is a document that is usually handed over to the potential client by the supplier. The travel quotation can be a multi-page document outlining the whole project, estimated cost and other elements concerning the project itself. Or, it can be a simple email shooting, giving a quick estimation of the total cost, and a dozen other permutations and combinations that go in between.

But, at times, clients expect a lot more than a mere summed up figure of estimated cost.

For instance –

A typical business quotation will include the following –

  • The unique reference number and your company details
  • Project specification and outline of what exactly the costs cover
  • Describe the project proposed
  • Breakdown of cost or detailing out the elements covered
  • Scheduling the project
  • Terms and conditions
  • Expiry date.

On the other hand, an itinerary quotation will give an estimated figure of the overall cost the travellers are likely to incur on their vacation that covers convenience, accommodation, food and other miscellaneous expenses, within a single package.

How to generate quotations using the software?

Planning and quoting a complete travel itinerary for travellers is quite a time-consuming and brain-tasking job. Top this up with the bundle of back-end tasks including accounting and booking management as well as generating reports that keep piling up, leaving the employees practically no time to upgrade their skills or contribute more to value-added services. 

And, back-end processes like the ones mentioned above are monotonous and boring at times. To be honest, no one actually enjoys performing such monotonous, time-consuming tasks on a day-to-day basis. So, keeping in mind the endless pain of the employees, itinerary software for travel agents like Quote Master was introduced.

Citing Travel Quote Master as an example here, let us understand how such software can prove to be a saviour for your travel agency.

An itinerant software for travel agents such as the Quote Master, built for both B2B and B2C users, is an excellent Mid-Office system used for generating quotations. Here, the engine is proficient in preparing itinerary quotations for the clients within minutes and share the same with the concerned person or persons in PDF or Excel format.

Now, the staffs will have more spare time to invest in more productive work and upgrade their skills in the process.

Common features you can expect in a quotation software for travel agents –

  • A comprehensive quote module for generating and sharing itinerary quotations to customers for approval
  • Quote creation by selecting the specified module from the list
  • Unique email id and password generated for end-user to access or view the quote
  • Multiple quote generation and sharing of the itinerary in one go
  • A detailed dashboard and reporting tools
  • Data for major cities also provided, and
  • Easy management of multiple XML suppliers and GDS

Benefits of using itinerary builder software for travel agency

There is no end to the benefits one can enjoy using an itinerary builder software like Quote Master. Here, we have summarized a few to help you to better understand how the software can improve the quotations that you pitch to your clients and expect a 100% approval from their end.

1. Planning of travel budget

Planning a travel itinerary using an itinerary builder software for travel agents and presenting the same to your customers will help them plan their travel budget way ahead of the vacation. The quotation, thus generated gives a fair idea of overall cost the tourists are likely to bear on their trip. Also, it gives them a chance to add or deduct days accordingly. Basically, the travellers have a final say to the places they like to visit and the amount they are willing to spend during their vacation. And, the travel quotation your agency creates will fetch a definite approval from the customers.

2. Manage expenditures easily

As mentioned in the previous point, travellers get a chance to plan and manage their expenditures prior to the trip. Such a useful software leaves very little chance for your customers to bear unplanned cost during their holiday for which they were probably not prepared.

3. Design travel itineraries that sell

Planning and designing attractive itineraries for your customers is a challenging task for the travel agencies. Often, the quotes shared by them are rejected by the customers. Now, the travel industry is a highly saturated market housing zillions of travel agents, big or small. The travellers have a whole bunch of options to choose from, so your quotation stands a fair chance of getting rejected if it fails to add value against the price your agency is charging from the customers.

This is where an itinerary builder software for travel agency can make a striking difference with the quotations that you can pitch to your end-users and expect a positive confirmation from their end.

4. Prioritize travel attractions accordingly

Such unique software shoulders the entire responsibility of planning and booking vacations from your staff. The end-users can easily visit your agency site and make bookings themselves, include or omit places-to-visit according to the cost and priority, without bothering your staffs at all.

5. Email confirmation

Customers will get a final confirmation of flights and hotels bookings as well as other activities included in their travel itinerary, on their unique email addresses.

6. Plan and access itinerary anywhere

The quotations, thus generated by the software, are emailed to the end-customers, in PDF or Excel format, on their unique user-email address. The customers can easily access the quotations whenever and from wherever they want.

7. Avoid unnecessary stress

Planning a travel itinerary aforehand along with a complete budget estimation reduces unnecessary stress for the travellers. A comprehensive itinerary builder software for travel agencies like Quote Master will make travelling less stressful for the vacationers.

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