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‘From A Humble Start-Up To Delivering 200+ Successful Functional Projects In Less Than 18 Months, Goranga Tech Has Successfully Left A Mark For Itself With Their Travel Software Services’ – Hear Their Success Story

The insatiable hunger to make a difference and leave a mark behind has compelled many entrepreneurs to take the risky plunge into the bandwagon of start-up ventures. But, few manage to ride the wave, realize their dreams, and come out as winners in the growth race.

Goranga Tech was a dream for Anuj Kumar, founder and Managing Director of Goranga Tech for which he happily rode the wave, confronted the challenges, and successfully launched the venture which has served 200+ clients, to this day. His inflammable passion and knowledge for travel and a humble approach towards fellow travel agents has stirred his grey cells, persuading him to think and lend his helping hand to small and medium travel agents who desire to have an online presence as that’s where the future travel industry is going, but lack the technical knowledge and big finance pockets to accomplish it.

Hence Goranga Tech was born, the brainchild of Mr Anuj Kumar and fostered by blood, sweat, and tears of the dedicated team that joined the venture in later years. Their cumulative efforts have given birth to some of the best and user-friendly travel software services that align with the changing expectations of the new-age millennials. Three major things that have been kept in mind while in the making was Low-cost software to the travel industry companies and the best state of the art software and delivery of most of the products within 2 weeks of the confirmation from the clients.

Here you will hear the untold success story of Goranga Tech – A travel IT Solutions Provider.

2016 hence and beyond …

Soon after the company was successfully launched, Mr Ahmed Hassan joined the venture as the Global Sales Director. His in-depth knowledge and experience in the IT industry, coupled up with his good understanding of the travel ecosystem, proved to be an asset for the company.

Together both Mr Anuj Kumar and Mr Ahmed Hassan have nearly three decades of travel and IT experience between them, which brought together the company’s successful line of products – My Hub Lite and My Hub Pro, Cab Genie, Man & Van, Flying Bird, DMC+, Self-Drive, and Quote Master are all the readymade off the shelf products, which were made in such a way that they could be configured in a short span of time and the website for the travel industry clients would go live asap.

Goranga Tech – Objectives, Mission, and Vision 

From the very onset, the founding fathers of Goranga Tech aimed at creating a niche for their business. They recognized the growing power of Digitalisation and the need to have a strong online presence for their clients.

The idea is to create a niche software to run both online and offline travel agencies, tour operators and DMCs. In brief a travel software service that will benefit not only the agencies but also the travellers who prefer planning their vacations online.

The minimum recurring cost of the software and the state-of-the-art technology used by the company has helped every travel agency, big, medium or small, to grow and cut down operational costs on their final products and services.

The team Goranga Tech’s vision to streamline the travel and tourism industry for small and medium agencies has been realized.

A few words about the Company’s products

It is important to mention a few words about the company’s travel software services.

  • My Hub Lite – It is a user-friendly travel agency back office application designed to help travel companies manage their backend services seamlessly.
  • My Hub Pro – This is an expanded version of My Hub Lite and maintains a front online live presence along with a well-connected back-office process.
  • DMC+ – This is a complete HUB which is connected to 40 major suppliers via XMLs and help local DMCs easily manage their products including hotels, transfers, and other sightseeing activities
  • Quote Master – This is a complete quotation engine that prepares ground handling quotes for clients and shares the quotes in the form of PDF and Excel.
  • Flying Bird – This is a one-stop platform for travel agents and tour operators to manage back, middle and front offices work uniformly.
  • Cab Genie – This is a complete system helping minicabs or taxi companies to gain a significant online presence and receive bookings or make payments via various connected banks and PayPal.
  • Man & Van – This is a point-to-point goods transportation online booking application to help transport operators propose competitive prices for each transport service as booked by individuals online.
  • Self-Drive – This is a self-drive car rental booking software system that allows users to book car hire quickly and seamlessly. Operators can list potential car hire sources or add their own fleet for the users.

Goranga Tech – Vital Statistics

75+ employees in 3 offices including, on 3 continents

200+ projects successfully delivered

100+ clients assisted

Goranga Tech London (Head Office)

Goranga Tech Dubai (Office)

Goranga Tech Noida, India (Office)

The journey has just begun…

With less than two years into the business, Goranga Tech has successfully delivered 200+ live projects covering different travel fields. The travel software services offered by Goranga Tech have helped many small agents to live their dreams and expand their operations without feeling the financial burden and drilling holes in their business pockets.

But, Goranga Tech’s journey has just begun…

Few words about the company

Goranga Tech is a Travel IT Solutions Provider and Support Company, catering to myriad travel business requirements of their clientele. The team strongly believes, ‘Your Growth is our Business’.

For detailed information:-

Check the official website – https://www.gorangatech.com/

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