‘Flight Shame’ Movement Triggers an Exponential Increase in Flight Fares

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Travel and tourism industry has come a long way with technology playing a dominant role in encouraging more people to pack their bags and shoot off for new experiences outside their homes. Travel agents and other tourism companies have shifted their business online to align with the new generation buyers’ expectations. Travel booking software services are offered to help them make reservations and plan their itineraries quickly and conveniently.

Travel and tourism is a major industry in Europe. According to the survey conducted by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, International tourist arrivals reached the whopping figure of 1.4 billion in 2018.  Europe alone witnessed nearly 713 million international tourist arrivals, for the same year. Travel and tourism industry contributed to raising the GDP of Europe by an estimated figure of 782 billion Euros in 2018.

But, the growing number of International visitors only added to the environmental pollution greatly. Europe’s airport has become the very symbol of the polluting aviation industry in the eyes of the ‘Flight Shame’ campaigners. In fact, commercial flights account for 2.5% of global carbon emissions.

There are individual activists like 16-year-old Swedish environmentalist, Greta Thunberg and groups like Greenspace and Extinction Rebellion, who are the working brains behind the ‘Flight Shame’ movement. They are striving hard to raise global awareness on the undeniable role played by the aviation industry in Global warming.

Their voices have been heard by millions across the world and people are shunning air travel in favour of climate-friendly alternatives or abstaining from travelling altogether.

On one hand, flight booking engine for travel agents and other travel booking software services aim at expanding the travel industry, the latest ‘Flight Shame’ campaign is trying to strike a nail in the coffin for the same industry, on the other hand.

Despite measures undertaken by the automobile industry to curb the rate of carbon emissions, the aviation industry has always claimed that such a measure will take years to implement. Air travel has increased exponentially in recent years, but lack of technology has deterred any fruitful attempt at reducing carbon footing.

The authorities are likely to levy hefty taxes on carriers, but with every 1% increase in average fares, there will be 0.65% decrease in passenger volumes, according to experts. Also, the cost of offsetting planes’ carbon emissions can raise the flight fares, a whopping $3.8 billion a year by 2025 for economy seats alone, thereby, hurting overall airlines’ earnings.

London’s Heathrow airport has committed to pursuing the British Government’s target of achieving net-zero emissions for the aviation industry by 2050. And, the authorities at the same airport is likely to share more details about its ventures for reducing aircraft emissions in the coming future.

Meanwhile, the commuters are preferring the environmental-friendly high-speed trains to flights wherein money passengers are willing to pay on top of their tickets.

 Travel booking software services are trying to change the way we plan our vacation but the recent movement against flights can prove to be a major setback for the industry which is considered one of the dominant source of bread earning for many countries including those in Europe.

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