Benefits of Choosing Online Travel Booking Engine for Your OTA


The ‘see-all’ and ‘know-all’ generation of travellers have the world literally in their palms courtesy mobile technology revolution and the growing power of the Internet. Duping them with fake promotional deal bombardments will bring down the final nail to the coffin for such companies. Travel companies, therefore, have to really strive harder to gain the attention of these new-age travellers who prefer completing tasks, including planning and booking vacations within minutes. Any prolonged service will fall in disfavour with the group easily. 

Online travel booking engine for travel agencies, big or small; online or offline, aptly match to the changing expectations of these travellers and will be the ultimate survival weapon for different players in the travel and tourism industry.

When new millennials and Gen Zers search for services online, keywords like prompt, fast and convenience inspire them most because these are the three words that define the new-age buyers. Also, the Millennials take 5.6 trips a year approximately, compared to Gen-Z’s 4.4 vacations per year. The rising influence of this generation on this industry, cannot be undermined and travel companies have to shift their bases online in order to ride the changing tide successfully.

In the world of rapid climate change and unsettling politics, travellers are prioritizing trips more, so online travel agency booking software can be the ultimate Holy Grail for such agencies to make more money than they ever did during their tenure.

How different is an online travel market from an offline one?

The online travel market has witnessed an explosive growth recently, thereby, altering the general perception of how travellers, today, plan and book their vacations. It is an amalgam of different components, offering a user-friendly one-stop platform for vacationers to plan and book itineraries within a matter of a few minutes.

The versatile applications added to the travel agency booking software help agencies connect with the users, with their quick, dependable and cost-effective, as well as, tailor-made holiday packages.

Online booking engine for travel agents such as Flying Bird and My Hub Pro from Goranga Tech can seriously change the game for small and medium agencies, empowering them with fitting software to withstand the tough competition from big players in the market. And, when it comes down to the offline players, well they stand a 50-50 chance of survival, relying solely on narrow niches.

Now, new-age readers depend more on statistics than a mere choice of words. So, unravelling the few benefits of using an online booking engine for travel will drive home the point easily without beating around the bush too much.

Online Booking Engine Benefits for Travel Agents/Agencies

The merged economy is a buzzing word and the recent years have seen quite a few successful mergers. When big players like Google and Amazon are expanding their territories to bring diverse services/products under their wings, it is safer to say the new-age buyers are the ones who are triggering such a change.

Their need for a ‘one-stop solution for all problems’ have been mentioned time and again, to encourage more service providers to cater to this need of theirs. And, so we have multi-tasking travel platforms that take care of the entire holiday itinerary for them.

Therefore, the online booking engine for travel agents not only benefit the agents themselves but also satisfy the ‘one-stop-solution’ need of the customers.

Here is a list of benefits that come with such travel agency software –

1. No more commissions 

Internet booking engine for travel agencies may be considered a major respite from the hanging sword of additional fees or commissions usually charged by a more traditional travel portal.

For instance –

Take a walk back a few years and see how our parents and grandparents planned vacations for us?

The different agencies they had to contact to get their flight seats booked, hotel rooms reserved, guide appointed, arranged for car transfer and so on, created a burden of endless additional charges or commissions.

Or, a more traditional travel portal that redirected customers to other agency sites, inundated with endless advertisements, for flight or hotel bookings, are likely to charge extra commissions on top of what they are already paying for the entire trip. This practically ruined the whole fun of travelling afar for them, not to mention the financial burden they had to carry for the coming months.

But, a responsive, user-friendly and multi-purpose travel booking engine spares the customers from the pain of paying additional charges or commissions.

2. Convenient online payment methods

 Now, in the era of cashless transactions, people rarely carry cash in their wallets and make purchases mostly online. After all, modern life has literally cut-short leisure time for people to tend to their basic needs, leaving the online platforms as the only respite to making purchases amidst chasing targets and meeting goals. 

Likewise, the online travel booking software services come with a horde of applications that tend to the traveller’s every single need. Payment through e-wallets, Internet banking and other online methods ensure fast booking of travel itineraries within seconds. Young buyers can easily plan their forthcoming holiday using their smartphone even and directly pay for the bookings, straight from the agency’s website.  

And, speaking from the point-of-view of the travel agencies, these travel software services actually help agencies in easy management of their online payments. Imagine the amount of workload taken off your shoulders? And, it cuts down the need to generate receipts for the payments as well.

Online booking engines topped up with equally competent travel agency back-office software such as My Hub Lite makes way for automated services sans human intervention – a future that every service/product sector is gradually shifting towards.

3. Maximize efficiency sans human errors

‘To err is human’, right??! Dependency on the human workforce not only slow down the entire process but also add to innumerable errors. Mass-scale digitalization and automation have inspired companies to rely less and less on human hands. The travelling industry is probably one of the first ones to adapt themselves to such radical changes and investing in online travel booking engine is just one step taken towards realizing that future.

Increase efficiency by eliminating manual inputs of data

Such a step ensures increased speed and efficiency sans human errors, which traditional methods were prone to, in greater numbers. The self-updating, errorless tool is a requirement of every player in the travel industry who wish to enhance the traveller’s overall experience.

Cutting down manual inputs of data and shuffling through the ocean of customer-related information saves a lot of time for the employees who can better spend their work hours selling new bookings and assisting existing clients, as and when needed.

Gather helpful user-information

Also, such powerful online travel booking tools are important for gathering helpful user information by setting up a customized page with the right set of fields to fill. Visitors to your site will fill up the mandatory forms by feeding their basic information to see your packages and deals. This information is later used to push promotional deals tailor-made to entice the existing buyers in making travel purchase more and more from your agency.

No room for mistakes

And, another benefit is that an online portal will never allow double bookings and update a booking status as soon as reservations are made by the respective traveller. Manually catering to these functionalities will call for errors, but of course.

Final Takeaway

Automation has made our lives easy, so has the online travel booking engine. Not only the travel technology tool has benefited the travel agencies but also the travellers as well. Benefits are numerous but the three points discussed above very much cover all the pain points of those agencies who are still a few steps away from digitalization.

The key takeaway is if your agency has to survive the changing market dynamics, then software like online booking engine is the only way out.

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